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Tasmania Leader of the Opposition Will Hodgman


Victor P Taffa

Given revelations that the Government sealed an agreement with Betfair on the same day an election was called, it is now up to the Premier to release all details of the negotiations and deal, Opposition Leader Will Hodgman said..

“While I passionately support protecting Tasmanian jobs, there are many unanswered questions regarding the Premier’s surprising, albeit delayed, announcement of a tax cut for Betfair.”

Tasmanians will not forget the shonky deal struck by the disgraced former Deputy Premier, Bryan Green, with the TCC in the final days before the 2006 election was called.




Tasmanians deserve complete honesty and transparency about a deal struck in these circumstances, and the detail of which has only just been released.

Labor has a sorry history of being secretive and unaccountable, and they are not good on process.

So the challenge now is for the Premier to come clean and release the vital details about the deal.

Why was the deal kept secret for 10 days after it was signed prior to the election being called?

Why could the Labor Party not wait until the outcome of an election to enter into the new deal?

Why were two consecutive five-year licence deals entered into? Why not just one?

Were there any other conditions attached to the deal? The Premier needs, for once, to come clean and put all the facts on the table.

This whole episode is just another reason why Tasmania needs real change to restore openness, transparency and accountability that only a Hodgman Liberal Government will deliver.

“Premier David Bartlett has already been caught misleading the public and this latest scandal further damages credibility in public administration.” Mr. Hodgman said.

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