Tasmania’s Planning Nightmare

Tasmania’s Planning Nightmare

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Planning Elise Archer

36 Schemes, 12 Months, And No Plan

Victor P Taffa

After years of promises the Government has completely failed to fix our Residential Planning system. We still have a staggering 36 different Schemes run by 29 Different Councils.

“At a time when we can least afford it, this planning mess is like a handbrake on our economy. The building industry is vital to Tasmania and the Government’s lack of action is choking the very industry that could help turn our economy around.” Elise Archer Shadow Minister for Planning said today.

With this sort of Government inertia and inaction, no wonder some commentators are suggesting Tasmania is heading for recession.



Unfortunately, the Planning Minister, Bryan Green, either has been swamped by all his other ministerial responsibilities or has put planning last, or he simply doesn’t understand the problems he is creating by failing to do anything.