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Northern Territory Shadow Minister for Central Australia Matt Conlan

Crocodile Tears Won’t Help Alice

Victor P Taffa

Comments by Attorney General Delia Lawrie in support of Alice Springs residents and business stricken by the recent crime wave fall well short of a real commitment and real action to solve the problem.

Shadow Minister and Member for Central Australia, Matt Conlan, said Ms. Lawrie’s crocodile tears and the Government’s cheap talk will do nothing to end the town’s escalating crime problem.

“The contempt this Government has for Alice Springs was graphically illustrated by its decision to appoint one solitary Police sergeant to deal with the wave of crime engulfing the town.” Mr. Conlan said.

“The Town needs 20 additional Police, and that’s exactly what the Country Liberals would do were we to win Government.”

“Ms. Lawrie spoke about parents who don’t care their kids are on the streets at night, but failed to mention the abject failure of her Government’s Family Responsibility Orders which Labor promised would tackle youth crime. Mr. Conlan said.

“An insignificant number of orders have been issued since they were introduced by Labor in July 2008, and they’ve been a dismal failure.”

“The assertion that her one visit to Alice Springs this week amounted to ‘working tirelessly’ to overcome this problem is a joke.”

“She should be working tirelessly to implement a youth curfew something Labor promised to introduce in Darwin in 2001 but has since backed away from.” Mr. Conlan said.

“Delia Lawrie speaks about the Youth Action Plan as if it’s an affective measure, which it isn’t, and then patronises people who introduce new ideas into the mix.”

“In her role as Treasurer, Delia Lawrie’s clocked up a budget deficit of $400 Million and Alice Springs is suffering as part of her Government’s cost cutting regime. The decision to relocate the Police Media Liaison Officer to Darwin is evidence of that.” Mr. Conlan said.


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