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Victoria Shadow Minister for Country Water Resources Peter Walsh

Brumby’s Fudged Pipeline Figures

Victor P Taffa

The Brumby Government Plans to use the North-South Pipeline to Pump 10 Billion Litres of water more than originally promised, according to figures in the Department of Sustainability and Environment’s Annual Report.

Shadow Minister for Country Water Resources and Deputy Leader of The Nationals Peter Walsh said Victoria Premier John Brumby should explain why the Department’s Figures Stated 85 Billion Litres of Water would be pumped to Melbourne.

Mr. Walsh said page 48 of the report stated:

Stage 1 of this irrigation upgrade is on target to deliver 225 Billion Litres in average annual water savings…another 200 Billion Litres is expected from Stage 2.


‘When complete, 80 % of the water savings will be shared by irrigators and be available for the rivers and wetlands in northern Victoria. The balance will be allocated for urban usage in Melbourne.’

“Simple Mathematics shows that the remaining share of 20 % for Melbourne out of 425 Billion Litres amounts to 85 Billion Litres, not the original 75 Billion Litres John Brumby said the Government would take.” Mr. Walsh said.

“Either Labor Plans to Loot More Water from Food Producers and the Environment or it has again demonstrated that its figures are riddled with errors and inconsistencies.”

“At the last election, Labor lied to Victorians when it promised it would never pump Water over the Divide.” Mr. Walsh said.

“Within a matter of months the proposal for the North-South Pipeline was being actively considered by Cabinet.”

“Even though Melbourne has no need for additional Water Supplies, John Brumby continues to Pump Water from Communities that have just endured 10 years of drought.”

“Regional Victorians cannot trust the Brumby Government while it continues to hide the truth and manipulate figures for its own Political Gain.” Mr. Walsh said.

The Brumby Government is not the only Labor Government that takes Water from Food Producers. The Rudd/Gillard Government has its own Water Buy-Back scheme and no Labor Government whether it is Federal Labor, South Australia Labor, Victoria Labor or New South Wales Labor has NOT addressed the major problems of the Murray River.

The New South Wales Labor Carr/ Iemma/ Rees/ Keneally Government not only built a Desalination Plant that Sydney does not need but also is keen to build the Tillegra Dam that is also unnecessary.

Further to this the Central Coast has had Water Restrictions and the Tillegra Dam was never intended to address the Water Problems of the Central Coast. Not to be content with this shambles Coffs Harbour faced 5 Floods in 2009 and the Keneally Government has not announced Plans for a Pipeline to take water from the Flood Prone areas to the Drought Prone areas of Inland New South Wales.


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