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Western Australia Minister for Training and Workforce Development Peter Collier

New Era For Training In The South-West

Victor P Taffa

South West Regional College of TAFE is about to embark on an era of change, following the launch of its new identity.

Visiting the college in Bunbury today, Training and Workforce Development Minister Peter Collier announced it will take on the new name of South West Institute of Technology.

This is part of the Minister’s focus to transform Western Australia’s training system and provide colleges with greater independence to respond to the changing needs of the training market.

“This is an opportunity for the organisation to reinvent itself and strengthen its ties with industry to become more effective in an increasingly competitive environment.” Mr. Collier said.



“It will also assist in consolidating its reputation as a premier provider of vocational education and training in the South-West.”

“The Liberal-National Government’s vision is to provide a more flexible and innovative training system that delivers an increase in the skill and competitiveness of the State’s workforce, while addressing emerging skills gaps and skilled migration issues.”

“It will also contribute to raising the status of training, while allowing State Training Providers to be presented as centres of excellence.”

The institution has continued to evolve and grow since the doors of the first ‘technical school’ opened in 1946, with 52 students enrolled in four courses.

Its student population has now grown to about 9,000 students annually, with campuses in Bunbury, Collie and Manjimup, and centres located throughout the South-West Region.


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