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There Is Nothing New In Driverless Trains

Victor P Taffa

In 1984 Editor Victor P Taffa and his 5 family members went on a trip to the United States. Included in the tour was a trip on a Driverless Train in San Francisco.

This train then was no better than Sydney’s Heavy Rail Trains in 2019.

North West of Sydney has previously been served by a railway line.

Rogans Hill Line

In 1902 a steam tramway opened between Parramatta and Baulkham Hills and extended to Castle Hill in 1910.

In 1919 the New South Wales Government converted the line into a Railway Line to encourage subdivision for residential housing.

Section between Westmead and Northmead was built in 1922 and opened to Castle Hill in 1923.

Line extended to Rogans Hill in 1924 and closed on 31 January 1932.

Rogans Hill Line Railway Stations included:

  • Rogans Hill
  • Castle Hill
  • Parsonage Road
  • Southleigh Avenue
  • Cross Street
  • Baulkham Hills
  • Junction Road
  • Model Farms Road
  • Moxham Road
  • Northmead
  • Mons Road
  • Westmead on the Western Line

Until 1932 the North West of Sydney had a railway line to Rogans Hill where there was a Castle Hill Railway Station and that there currently is a Terminus Street.

Rogans Hill Line had been converted from a Tramway originally by the New South Wales Government.

Rogans Hill Line is why a Terminus Street exists in Castle Hill today.

During the Premiership of Barry O’Farrell, the Transport Department called for public submissions on whether or not the route of North West Line would go towards Marsden Park or onto the Richmond Line.

No one ever suggested that the train be driverless.

North West of Sydney has land available for housing and a heavy rail service is needed. Connecting the North West Line with the Richmond Line would have made more sense than a driverless train.

Kurrajong Line

Richmond Line extends from Blacktown on the Western Line to Richmond. Richmond Line was also extended to Kurrajong which opened on 8 December 1926 and closed on 26 July 1952.

Kurrajong Line Railway Stations included:

  • Richmond
  • Phillip
  • North Richmond
  • Kemsleys
  • Thompsons Ridge
  • Duffys
  • Kurrajong


NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell

Richmond Railway Station signage







Lower Blue Mountains Line

Extending the Richmond Line to Mount Victoria on the Western Line is needed and makes sense.


Mount Victoria Double Track Y Link

At Mount Victoria a Double Track Y Link would be installed that allows flexibility for Heavy Rail services and relieve pressure on the Western Line for Freight Trains and all Interstate Trains enabling the introduction of new services.

This will improve services on the Blue Mountains Line for existing Interurban Services from Mount Victoria.

Lower Blue Mountains Line Railway Stations

  • Mount Victoria            Existing Surface Station with Double Track Y Link
  • Bilpin                            Surface Station near southern side Bells Line of Road
  • Kurrajong                    Surface Station near Bells Line of Road/ Vincent Rd Int.
  • Richmond North        Surface Station near Bells Line of Road/ Terrace Rd Int.
  • Richmond Existing    Surface Station with Sky Train Interchange Platforms

Sky Train

A Sky Train will be built that skirts around the Richmond Township.

Richmond will have new Interchange Platforms and the existing Railway Station will continue to operate.

A Sky Train has been built on Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs Line and on the new North West Line.

Sydney Metropolitan Rail Network is the largest in the southern hemisphere and one of the world’s largest in terms of size and effectiveness.

Sydney’s Rail Network moves 1.2 Million people every weekday. An 8 car Double Deck train moves about 1,000 people.

Sydney’s Rail Network covers an area from

  • Berowra on the Northern Line,
  • Bondi Junction on the Eastern Suburbs Line,
  • Macarthur on the Southern Line,
  • Penrith on the Western Line,
  • Richmond on the Richmond Line,
  • Waterfall on the Illawarra Line.

Sydney Sky Train On Eastern Suburbs Line

Sydney Double-Deck Train











This is in addition to railway lines across New South Wales that brings happy people to Sydney Central Railway Station everyday.

Sydney Central Railway Station has 25 Platforms and 2 unused Platforms. This is despite the fact that Platforms 13, 14 and 15 have been ripped out for a railway line that is being constructed underground which runs in the opposite direction to the surface platforms.

Safety of Sydney Rail Commuters is being compromised by a few main reasons. These include:

  • Removal of Cross-Over Tracks,
  • Removal of Sets of Points,
  • Removal of Regents Park Y Link,
  • Removal of Strathfield-Bankstown Rail service,
  • Destruction of the Newcastle Railway Line,
  • Main Line Theories on a Suburban Rail Network,
  • Pretending that Metro is better.

Passengers Need Friendly Train Drivers And Guards For Safety

North West Line

North West Line in Sydney opened recently without a Train Driver and Guard. North West Line would not have had any less patronage had the trains had a Train Driver and Guard keeping passengers safe.

North West Railway Line had tunnels deliberately bored too small so they could not convey double deck trains.

However, this can be overcome. Where millions of dollars were spent in closing and ‘converting’ the Epping-Chatswood Line for Driverless operations, the same can be done with the North West Line.

North West Line can be temporarily closed and tunnels bored slightly deeper so double deck trains can also traverse the North West Line which should have been possible originally.

Even a rail tunnel under Sydney Harbour would have to be as high as that of a double deck train carriage. Anything smaller would be a disgraceful waste of money.

North West Line opened on 26 May 2019. North West Line Railway Stations include:

  • Tallawong
  • Rouse Hill
  • Kellyville
  • Bella Vista
  • Norwest
  • Hills Showground
  • Castle Hill
  • Cherrybrook
  • Epping on the Northern Line


Map of Lower Blue Mountains Line as drawn up accurately by Editor Victor P Taffa and contained in website


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