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Western Australia Minister for Energy Peter Collier

New Campaign Launched To Drive Change In Energy Use

Victor P Taffa

Energy Minister Peter Collier today outlined details of a new campaign aimed at changing the way West Australians think about and use Energy.

Mr. Collier launched the ‘Switch the Future’ Campaign, to encourage people to be more energy smart while also highlighting the State Government’s approach in improving energy efficiency across all sectors of the community.

“In WA we experience spikes in Energy use occurring for only a few days a year but they cost the State, and therefore electricity users, Tens of Millions of Dollars to fund.” the Minister said.

“Energy efficiency is a vital component in the range of approaches that must be considered when developing a more sustainable Energy Sector.”

“It was a major theme that arose throughout the consultation period for the Strategic Energy Initiative: Energy 2031, and is a key factor in delivering on the Government’s Strategic Goals for Energy in Western Australia.” Mr. Collier said.

“At the Energy in WA Conference in September, I announced that we would be launching a campaign to encourage consumers to reconsider the way they use energy. The Government is now delivering on that commitment.”

“It is the culmination of work with the electricity corporations and the Office of Energy to develop a co-ordinated and effective advertising and marketing strategy.” Mr. Collier said.

The campaign will provide practical measures West Australians can adopt to take greater charge of their energy use and make positive long-term changes in their consumption.

The campaign will be co-ordinated by the Future Energy Alliance, a partnership between Synergy and Western Power, with the first of the television advertising to start in the New Year.

The Minister said the campaign was the latest in a series of initiatives the Government had introduced to deliver an energy sector that was more secure and reliable, while also moving towards a cleaner energy future.

“A key starting point was commissioning the Oates Review into Verve Energy’s financial position to resolve the losses faced by Verve following the split of Western Power Corporation.” Mr. Collier said.

“We are also developing a long-term energy vision for WA through the Strategic Energy Initiative: Energy 2031, the first such policy since 1979.”

“Energy 2031 is about working with industry, business and the community to develop an ambitious and practical plan to meet our energy needs for the next 20 years.” Mr. Collier said.

“In addition, the Government has established a solid track record for diversifying the energy sector with the introduction of renewable sources of generation in this State and moving towards cleaner energy.”

“This year, I have announced a series of landmark projects that focus on solar and wind, and will add to the mix of renewable projects under way in the State.”

“This includes the 10-megawatt (MW) Solar Energy Project in the Mid-West, which will be WA’s Biggest Solar Photovoltaic Facility; the expansion of Grasmere wind farm at Albany; and the 206MW Collgar wind farm near Merredin, the biggest Renewable Energy Development in the State.” Mr. Collier said.

“The State Government will also invest almost $8 Million through round three of the Low Emissions Energy Development (LEED) Fund in three innovative renewable energy projects, which is in addition to $12.5 Million already committed to the development of Carnegie Corporation’s Demonstration Wave Power Station off Garden Island.” Mr. Collier said.

“Now the Government is turning its focus to energy efficiency and the significant role the public can play, while helping them to increase their understanding of the impact of peak demand on the system.”

“Switch the Future will be long-lasting and represents WA’s Flagship Campaign over the next decade, replicating the success of the Waterwise Program.” Mr. Collier said.


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