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Flood Waters Alert

The New South Wales Ambulance Service would like remind the community of the dangers that lurk around flood waters due to heavy rain.




Recently the Service has had to attend motorists trapped in vehicles and people swept away while trying to cross torrent like flood waters. There have also been cases of children playing in dangerous waters that unfortunately have resulted in death.

The community are reminded when around or in flood waters to always assess the risk of undertaking potentially life threatening activities. Parents should also take the opportunity to remind and teach their children of the following safety messages.

Coffs Harbour experienced flooding on 5 occasions during 2009

Coffs Harbour experienced flooding on 5 occasions during 2009










The Ambulance Service of NSW recommends:

  • Do not play or undertake recreational activities in or around swollen estuaries/rivers, drains or flooded areas;
  • When driving do not attempt to cross flooded roads or causeways.
  • Carry some form of communication with you at all times in case you need Emergency assistance;
  • Drive cautiously on the roads that may have been damaged by heavy rain or floods, as sides of the roads can give-way and cause a traffic hazard;
  • Be mindful that pets need to be kept safe from flood waters as well;
  • Take caution and do not become a victim while attempting to rescue people in trouble, instead call Triple Zero(000) and wait for emergency personnel;
  • Always call Triple Zero (000) and ask for Ambulance for any medical emergency.


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