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South Australia Shadow Minister for Tourism David Ridgway

Government Warned Over Flat Surfing Carnival

Victor P Taffa

The State Labor Government was warned in May last year that the Kangaroo Island surfing competition was at risk of failing to attract a large audience.

The then Shadow Tourism Minister Terry Stephens warned his counterpart, John Rau, on 25 May 2011 that numbers would be down on the Government’s estimate because of the high cost of travelling to the island.

“Not only that, but Mr. Rau appears to be gilding the lily on this one and trying to sell South Australians a pup in terms of the ‘world’s best’ surfers competing.” Mr. Stephens accurately predicted at the time.”

“Labor wants South Australians to believe this event is for the world’s best surfers. It’s not it’s only for surfers outside the world’s top 32.” Mr. Rau said then.

Liberal frontbencher David Ridgway said today the Labor Government had learnt nothing in the past nine months.

“Current Tourism Minister Gail Gago claimed on radio this morning that the carnival had been ‘a success’.” Mr. Ridgway said.

“I wonder what her definition of failure is.”

“This event cost taxpayers $700,000. Perhaps by her reasoning, the more we lose and the more it costs the bigger the so-called ‘success’.” Mr. Ridgway said.


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