Supreme Court Finds Eddie Obeid Guilty Of Misconduct In Public Office

Supreme Court Finds Eddie Obeid Guilty Of Misconduct In Public Office

New South Wales Member for Balmain Jamie Parker

Obeid Guilty Verdict Vindication For ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption)

Victor P Taffa

Today’s verdict in the Supreme Court which found former Labor New South Wales (NSW) Minister Eddie Obeid guilty of misconduct in public office is a vindication of the work of the ICAC, Jamie Parker MP, Greens Anti-Corruption Spokesperson said.

“This guilty finding is an important step forward in the fight against corruption in NSW and holding dirty politicians accountable.”

“Despite all his legal manoeuvring including seeking to sue the former head of ICAC and counsel-assisting, Mr. Obeid’s misconduct has finally been proven in court.” Mr. Parker said.

“Corruption is not a victimless crime and this decision should compel NSW Premier Baird to reverse ICACs funding cuts and stop the relentless campaign against the organisation.”

“ICAC Chief Megan Latham was put under enormous pressure during the investigation of Eddie Obeid and this decision vindicates her stand against the campaign to discredit the ICAC by the conservative wing in the NSW Liberal Party.”

“This decision again highlights the need for a federal ICAC which both Labor and Liberal continue to dodge.” Mr. Parker said.

“Now the critical question is when the report of Operation Spicer will be released, which implicates a cricket team of former Liberal MP’s in corrupt behaviour.”

“The fact that it is so challenging to secure convictions demonstrates why NSW corruption law needs modernising.” Mr. Parker said.