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Victoria Minister for Planning Matthew Guy

Councils Receive $400,000 Heritage Support

Victor P Taffa

A total 36 councils across Victoria will receive funding towards the provision of Heritage Advisory Services for 2011-12, Planning Minister Matthew Guy announced today.

Councils supplement the funds with a minimum $1 for $1 expenditure to provide Heritage Advisory Services through the appointment of an experienced professional to:

  • Provide free advice to owners of heritage places
  • Assist councils with the management of heritage assets
  • Promote heritage conservation in the municipality.

Mr. Guy said heritage advisors helped residents make appropriate decisions on restoration and development plans for heritage sites.


He said the funding was based on previous expenditure, reflecting each council’s commitment to preserving local heritage. Fifteen councils received the maximum of $14,000, four councils received $12,000, four received $8000 and 13 received between $3,000 and $6,000.

Mr. Guy said the programs provided by Heritage Advisory Services, first trialled in Maldon in 1977, have been successful in developing a positive attitude towards heritage through the provision of free heritage advice to councils, communities and owners and managers of heritage properties.

“The benefits of these services are now evident in many towns with restored heritage buildings, appropriate signage and upgraded streetscapes.” Mr. Guy said.

“These services have helped people recognise the importance of early buildings and how they can enhance streetscapes and enrich our understanding of the past.”


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