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Journalists Gets Locked Up In Mental Hospitals In New South Wales

Victor P Taffa





Dear Jillian Skinner,

Dear Greg Smith,

As Senior Minister’s in an incoming O’Farrell/Stoner Government this matter is one that will concern you.

The NSW Labor Government, NSW POLICE, NSW Health and the Former Labor Member for Ryde have all engaged in acts that would FAIL to hold up in a Case of False Imprisonment on the following grounds:

  • Born on 13 April 1965 my Mother Margaret suffered ‘Nervous Shock’ while Pregnant with me and as such I was born with Bipolar Disorder. Many Doctors have actually FAILED to discharge their duty over the years and NOT prescribe appropriate medication.
  • When forcedly placed in Macquarie Psychiatric Hospital, North Ryde Sydney in 2003 for 11 Days to the occasion of my second forced incarceration in 2010 for 7 Weeks Nursing Staff said that my Notes indicated that my condition had not got any worse.
  • The Staff at the Ryde Community Mental Health Service used tactics of Blackmail to get me sign a Community Treatment Order (C.T.O) in May 2010 to get out of Macquarie Hospital and then used the same methods to keep me on a C.T.O in November 2010 during the Victoria State Election and WHILE I was in Victoria.
  • The Staff at the Ryde Community Mental Health Service time and again cancel appointments and re-book them to either rile you or maintain their level of control over you. No one can lead a normal life under those circumstances.

Keeping Patients on a C.T.O has NOTHING to do with solving Mental Illness but simply a way of keeping up their Patient Numbers to maintain their existence. The use of Blackmail by Staff is common place.

The opportunity to work with the Baillieu/Ryan/Mulder Government in Victoria is something that I will not be bullied out of.

Nor does my appointment to a Senior Position with the Victoria Government have anything to do with the Prime Minister or Federal Opposition Leader as the Queensland Floods are of a more pressing concern for them. I mean NO disrespect to either of them.

Since August 2007 thanks to the NSW Labor Government I have been forced into financial slavery. Earning an income above my Centrelink Rate of $548.90 Per Fortnight will be in itself a great mental boost.

  • Premier Ted Baillieu, Deputy Premier Peter Ryan and Public Transport Minister Terry Mulder are men of integrity and are people that I would like to work with.

This Legal Matter is of serious concern and the NSW Government would LOSE in a Case of False Imprisonment.

The Former Labor Member for Ryde allegedly signed a Court Order to place me in Hospital in 2003.

No single Election WIN on 26 March 2011 will undo the enormous damage caused to my life by the above mentioned. Similarly being FORCED TO SELL MY OWN HOME is a disgraceful matter that should cause Deputy Commissioner Dave Owens to reassess his own future with the NSW Police.

Good Luck and Best Wishes in defeating the most incompetent and corrupt Government in the history of New South Wales,

Kind Regards,


Victor P Taffa.


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