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Western Australia Minister for Commerce Simon O’Brien

Sunday Trading A Hit 

Victor P Taffa

  • More than 80 % of shops open
  • Average of 20,000 visitors at each major shopping centre
  • Sunday becomes busiest shopping day

It’s official, Sunday trading is a hit after being well and truly welcomed by Western Australian shoppers.

“Hour for hour, Sunday has become the busiest shopping day of the week.” Commerce Minister Simon O’Brien said.

“More than 80 % of shops are open and the public is voting with its feet in increased numbers.”

“Sunday trading has only been in operation for three months but, on average, 20,000 shoppers are visiting each of the major centres on a Sunday.”

Figures collated by the Shopping Centre Council of Australia indicate the increase in customer visits has been stronger in Perth than in Brisbane and Adelaide when Sunday trading was introduced in those cities.

“Importantly, this means jobs for West Australians.” the Minister said.

“It is estimated 1,000 casual jobs have been created under the Liberal-National Government’s introduction of Sunday trading.”

“It is also important to note sales have not simply been spread over seven days but have increased by between 3 and 6% per month.”

Fact File

  • Liberal-National Government introduced Sunday trading on August 26, 2012

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