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Western Australia Minister for Mental Health Helen Morton

State Suicide Prevention Strategy Fast-Tracked in the Kimberley

Victor P Taffa

Mental Health Minister Helen Morton today announced $1.36 Million funding to fast-track the State Suicide Prevention Strategy in the Kimberley.

The $1.36 Million will fund essential back-up staff in response to the current suicide emergency and start a sustainable long-term suicide prevention plan for the Region.

Mrs. Morton said the team of mental health professionals, who had worked tirelessly providing 24-hour counselling to families and communities recently bereaved by suicide in the East and West Kimberley regions, would be strengthened and supported by 11 additional temporary staff.

The State Government, through the Mental Health Commission, and the WA Country Health Service will provide $560,000 for temporary staff.

The additional temporary positions include:

  • Five staff at the Kimberley Regional Mental Health and Drug Service;
  • Three to Kinway for the regional Standby Suicide Response Strategy;
  • Two at the Ord Valley Aboriginal Health Service;
  • One at the Derby Aboriginal Health Service.

The Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services Council (KAMSC) will receive $800,000 to fund four community co-ordinators to work in the Wyndham and East Kimberley Region; Fitzroy Crossing and West Kimberley; Broome; Derby; and Halls Creek for an initial 12 months to develop Community Action Plans (CAPs) to suicide-proof communities.

The Minister said the CAPs would be uniquely created and owned by each community to reflect their own culturally-specific needs and be developed through a process of community engagement with individuals, families, communities and Aboriginal organisations.

“The plan’s aim is to increase the training, skills and capacity of local communities to recognise people at risk of suicide, to help prevent suicide and reduce the harm caused by suicide.” Mrs. Morton said.

In her first visit to Broome since becoming the Mental Health Minister, Mrs. Morton said she was deeply saddened by the tragedies and had taken a personal interest in improving strategies to prevent suicide in the region.  She wanted to hear first-hand from families, residents and health and community workers about local needs.

“I want to personally thank the many people who have been supporting the families during this crisis by providing services for mental health and social and emotional wellbeing.” Mrs. Morton said.

“I also want to listen to the views of people on-the-ground about how best to build a partnership between government agencies, non-government bodies and local communities to make them suicide-proof.” Mrs. Morton said.

The Minister acknowledged the State’s collaboration with the federal departments of Health and Ageing; Families; Housing; Community Services; and Indigenous Affairs as part of the Remote Services Delivery partnership in the Kimberley.

The $13 Million State Suicide Prevention Strategy aims to develop 50 Community Action Plans across Western Australia by mid-2012 by supporting and resourcing dedicated grassroots teams to suicide-proof their communities.

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