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Department Of Commerce Tender Awarded To Operate Innovation Centre

Victor P Taffa

Business Foundations has won the tender to operate the Department of Commerce’s Innovation Centre of Western Australia.


Located at Technology Park, Bentley, the Innovation Centre provides the infrastructure and services to increase the commercial potential of small to medium enterprises.

With nearly 20 years experience in providing advice, training and space for small businesses, Business Foundations will bring a wealth of experience in enterprise development to the Innovation Centre.

Business Foundations Executive Director Phil Kemp said we are looking forward to operating the Innovation Centre and see many synergies between the services we already offer and those provided by the Centre.

“People tend to think of start-ups as the smart guy making millions of dollars working from a computer in their garage and, while there are cases like this, what is more common is a researcher, scientist or an industry expert with a cutting-edge idea and absolutely no idea how to test the market, secure the intellectual property, commercialise the innovation, develop the network that will support the venture and find the commercial backing to make it a reality. Mr. Kemp said.

“The team we are bringing together at the WA Innovation Centre have the contacts, expertise and hands-on experience to help innovators turn their ideas into commercially viable enterprises or products.”

The Innovation Centre aims to:

  • Provide infrastructure and services to support emerging innovative enterprises.
  • Bridge the gap between the development and commercialisation of ideas into viable and sustainable enterprises and products.
  • Assist existing businesses to identify commercialisation opportunities.

“The Innovation Centre provides the ideal opportunity to expand Western Australia’s service offering and we will be focussing on helping a variety of growing sectors, including mining services innovation, technology innovation, manufacturing innovation, new inventions and innovative services.” Mr. Kemp said.

“We plan to expand links between the United States and the innovation community in WA, as the US represents about 27 % of foreign investment into Australia, and there is strong interest from areas like Silicon Valley in future investment.”

Business Foundations is a not-for-profit organisation originally established in Fremantle to assist those starting a new business or wishing to grow their enterprise.

The organisation also operates the Small Business Centre South West Metro and Enterprise Connect and has offices in Perth, Fremantle, Kwinana and Rockingham.


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