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Victoria Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder

Melbourne Airport Rail Link Route Confirmed

Victor P Taffa

The Victorian Coalition Government today confirmed a route for development of a rail link to Melbourne Airport after assessing 80 alternatives, with findings from the $6.5 Million Melbourne Airport Rail Link Study now available.

Speaking at the release of the study’s findings and technical report, Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder said the confirmation of the route was an essential step in providing a Melbourne Airport rail link.

“The Coalition Government has invested $6.5 Million in the essential pre-work for a rail link to Melbourne Airport.” Mr. Mulder said.

“We committed to ensuring that the best route was secured through a comprehensive investigation of rail link options.”


“Public Transport Victoria has completed this work and found that a route known as the ‘Albion East route’ outperforms more than 80 alternative routes considered by the Melbourne Airport Rail Link Study.”

The recommended Albion East route builds on the foundations of previous planning by using land reserved in 2001 for a new section of track. However, the study has found that the 2001 design is no longer feasible as it cannot provide the capacity for rail services to the airport as well as increased services to cater for the unprecedented patronage growth occurring in this corridor.”

“A new Albion East design follows the 2001 route from the airport boundary via new tracks through reserved land and a freight corridor, but will use the existing rail tracks from Sunbury within the Sunshine corridor and connect with the Government’s planned Melbourne Metro rail tunnel.” Mr. Mulder said.

“This new design will unlock airport access for people in Melbourne’s south-east and CBD, with the connection via Melbourne Metro enabling people to use the planned Dandenong-Sunshine rail corridor to travel straight to Melbourne Airport.”

“The Melbourne Airport Rail Link Study has taken into account previous planning for an airport connection and significant changes in our transport network over the last 10 years, including current and planned projects.”

“Melbourne Metro will help to untangle our rail network, providing a generational improvement in rail services across the city.”

“The recommended route for development of a Melbourne Airport rail link will tap into this transformation of Melbourne’s rail network and achieve cost efficiencies by utilising significant infrastructure already being planned.” Mr. Mulder said.

Mr. Mulder said Public Transport Victoria (PTV) would continue planning for a Melbourne Airport rail link and that the link would be included in plans for the expansion of Melbourne’s rail network.

The Victorian Coalition Government is advocating for Commonwealth support for ongoing joint planning of this High-Speed Rail route linking the other east coast states with the CBD via Melbourne Airport. The Melbourne Airport Rail Study will continue to co-ordinate with the Commonwealth on this work.


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