Strategic Direction For Future Of Forestry Industry Outlined By Minister

Strategic Direction For Future Of Forestry Industry Outlined By Minister

Western Australia Minister for Forestry Dave Kelly

Plan Sets Vision For The Western Australian Forestry Industry

Victor P Taffa

  • A strategic framework sets a path forward for the Western Australian forestry industry
  • Plan focuses on healthy forests, community benefits and job creation
  • Wood Encouragement Policy has been developed and is a key action item of the plan

Minister for Forestry Dave Kelly today launched a plan setting out the strategic direction for the future of the Western Australian forestry industry to support healthy forests and support Western Australian jobs.

Djarlma Plan for the Western Australian Forestry Industry was developed under the guidance of an independent panel, and with extensive industry and community consultation.

“I am pleased to announce the launch of the Djarlma Plan which delivers an ecologically sustainable approach to transform the forestry industry and seize new opportunities for economic growth and job creation.” Minister for Forestry Dave Kelly said.

“Djarlma Plan prioritises healthy forests and woodlands, while driving innovative practices to secure the industry into the future.”

Plan was inspired by the Noongar concept of Djarlma that reflects the interconnected relationship of people, forests and woodlands, and aims to build new job opportunities in the Western Australian forestry industry.

It sets out a framework for action for the next decade to support the transformation of the industry to deliver better economic benefits through the implementation of ecologically sustainable strategies, building on the foundations of the Forest Management Plan 2014-2023.

Plan identifies opportunities to secure investment and foster innovation in the forestry sector. These opportunities include optimising the use of harvested wood fibre to produce a range of environmentally sustainable products such as engineered timbers and bioplastics.

A key action item from the plan, a Wood Encouragement Policy for Western Australia, has already been developed by the Forest Products Commission. This policy aims to support the forestry industry by encouraging the use of responsibly sourced wood in the construction and fit-out of buildings in Western Australia.