Stigma Of Mental Health Continues

Stigma Of Mental Health Continues

Mental Health Medication Runs Poor Second

Victor P Taffa

Stigma of mental health continues and is compounded by doctors, nurses and the very mental health system itself.

Everyone working in the system leaves best patient healthcare in last place.

Mental Health Review Tribunal

Just to get discharged from a mental health facility requires a lawyer on hand whereas if a person suffering from a broken arm or broken leg does not require a lawyer to be discharged.

However, things have improved gradually since the days of tying people to beds.

Currently in New South Wales a Mental Health Review Tribunal exists that costs millions of dollars every year just to discharge patients.

Discharge should be the sole domain of doctors and not lawyers.

Mental Health Review Tribunal panel consists of 3 members:

  • Lawyer who chairs the hearing,
  • Psychiatrist,
  • Another suitably qualified member.

Mental Health Review Tribunal or more affectionately known as a ‘Kangaroo Court’ is a panel of 3 persons. In a case of Hospital v Patient, it merely compounds and exacerbates mental health stigma.

Rather than having a Kangaroo Court, there should be greater funding for mental health. Funding increase would employ more doctors and research for improved medication.

Currently mental health funding is 2% of the overall health budget.

Mental Health funding should be 25% of the overall health budget including all drug and alcohol units.

Mental Health Medication runs a poor second to people with HIV yet mental health as an illness is so much older.

HIV Medication gets greater funding after being the recipient of major media exposure. High profile people took on the need to improve HIV Medication which saw improvements made in HIV Medication.

Even the campaign by cricketer Glenn McGrath and others have done more to improve cancer research than mental health medication.

Mental Health Medication continues to languish and many people are trapped in a mental health system that denies a need to improve.

Mental Health Medication runs a poor second to that of HIV Medication.

When doctors find a cure for cancer, a cure for HIV will be found.

When doctors find a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia, a cure for mental health will be found.

Reason being that cancer attacks the blood cells in the body.

Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia and Mental Health all impact on the brain.

Doctors currently know about 5% of the brains capacity and as such there is a long way to go for improvement.

Stigma of HIV has largely dissipated due to high profile media campaigns. Yet mental health continues to languish all due to the lack of a high-profile media campaign.

Mental Health Doctors and Nurses compound the stigma attached to mental health and is stopping medical improvements being made in the whole field of mental health.


Artwork completed recently by Editor Victor P Taffa while in hospital