Steady And Sure Wins The Race

Steady And Sure Wins The Race

Victoria Minister for Education Martin Dixon

Total Time To Complete Today’s VCE English Exam: 17 Years!

Victor P Taffa

If every student sitting today’s VCE English exam took the test one after another it would take 17 years to complete.

Fortunately, for more than 46,000 Victorian students picking up their pens for the first of the final VCE exams they will take the test at the same time.

Education Minister Martin Dixon wished students good luck for the three-week exam period which kicks off with today’s English exams, which run from 9 am to 12:15 pm.

“I think many of us can still remember the nerves we felt going into our final year exams, so its easy to relate to what these students are feeling today.” Mr. Dixon said.

“But what’s most important is for students to try their best and to stay focused, and also take regular breaks and look after themselves during this time.”

The English exam has the largest number of students. English is one of 109 VCE subject exams taking place at schools across the state until Wednesday 23 November.

The 10 most popular VCE subjects are:

  • English (43,091 students),
  • Further Mathematics (30,717),
  • Psychology (16,512),
  • Mathematical Methods (16,004),
  • Health and Human Development (13,551)
  • Business Management (12,639),
  • Biology (12,033),
  • Physical Education (10,104),
  • Chemistry (9,194),
  • Legal Studies (8,822).

Many students will sit a minimum of four exams in the next two weeks to qualify for an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) which is required for students wishing to go to an Australian university.

More than 51,000 students are eligible to graduate with their VCE this year. Students can do their VCE over several years.

Bendigo Senior Secondary College has the largest number of students sitting VCE exams with 1,077 students, and Cann River P-12 College has the smallest number with only four students.

“While the VCE exams are a major milestone for many young Victorians, It’s important for students to keep perspective during this stressful time and realise there are many ways to achieve success in life.” Mr. Dixon said.

VCAA Chief Executive Officer, John Firth encouraged students to do their best.

“Students should remember that our VCE examiners are looking for ways to reward their learning, we are not trying to trick them.” Mr. Firth said.

Students can access their VCE results and ATAR on Friday 16 December from 7 am.

Fast Facts

  • Students sitting at least one exam: 82,670
  • Females sitting at least one exam: 44,205
  • Males sitting at least one exam: 38,465
  • Number of exam centres: 501