Statehood Is The Best Population Plan

Statehood Is The Best Population Plan

Northern Territory Treasurer Nicole Manison

Population Plan Starts Begins With New Recruitment Campaign

Victor P Taffa

Boosting the Territory’s population is a key driver for economic growth, and a new national and international recruitment campaign which will be launched soon aims to do that, Treasurer Nicole Manison said today.

Northern Territory (NT) Government is focused on a range of connected measures that will grow population, and ensure a sustainable, bright future for the Territory.

“Creating jobs, attracting private investment, driving down the cost of living and revitalising our cities and towns are essential factors to grow our population.” Treasurer Manison said.

“Living and working in the Territory is a unique and rewarding experience and we need to show this to the world we need to build our population.”

“We have some fantastic projects, industries and opportunities here in the Territory, and we want the whole world to know about them.”

New campaign, called Our Life Out Here, officially kicks off in coming weeks, with the focus being on recruitment of 300 Palmerston Regional Hospital workers.

“Palmerston Regional Hospital will be a first class health facility, in conjunction with the unique opportunities already on offer for health professionals at Royal Darwin Hospital, and we need to be more competitive and clever in how we attract workers of choice to grow our population.” Treasurer Manison said.

“Our Life Out Here’ worker attraction campaign is designed to strategically target quality workers from other states. The campaign includes digital, social, website, newspaper and billboard advertising and follows the real life stories of people who have relocated to the Territory for positions in the NT Government.”

Strategic campaign is a key element in the economic development of the Territory and Northern Australia. National and international campaigns play a crucial role in the growth and diversification of the NT economy and provide an important and viable option for the Territory government and employers as they seek to address workforce shortages.

More than 300 positions will be on offer from medical professionals such as nurses, doctors and patient care assistants to kitchen and administrative staff and cleaners. This is part of the Palmerston Regional Hospital recruitment campaign to be rolled out across Australia from Sunday.

Featuring Northern Territory Government employees, the first stories are of Brent Lang, a nurse manager at Royal Darwin Hospital (RDH) and his family; and Chelsea Marino a registered nurse in the Emergency Department at RDH. More stories are being finalised.

Over the coming months a range of positions will be advertised to support recruitment to positions such as social workers, housing and community development employees, teachers, communication specialists and a range of other skilled workers.

Key Elements Of Flag of The Northern Territory Can Be Incorporated Into new State Flag

Flag Of Australia










Statehood for The Northern Territory within existing boundaries more than anything else will increase population. Statehood will foster a new pride for The Northern Territory.

State Governments are not liked by any Federal Government and that is the problem with The Northern Territory at present.

People in Canberra many thousands of kilometres away tell people in Darwin what to do and how to live their lives.

Statehood means that decisions are made and retained locally and not by a cold, heartless Federal Government many thousands of kilometres away.

Mining Royalties

Statehood will mean that mining royalties are retained locally and not syphoned off to Canberra many thousands of kilometres away.

Name of New State

Statehood will require a slight change from current name. State of North Australia or State of Northern Australia will encapsulate a new state.

Territory can be included in a sales pitch or slogans such as Northern Territory has not lost out in a new state.

Currently the sign at the top entry point to Australia says The Northern Territory. Statehood will bring a stronger focus with a new sign that says State of North Australia or State of Northern Australia.

Statehood is not just a cosmetic change but a positive statement that The Northern Territory has come of age.

State Flag

Minor details such as a State Flag are easily overcome with a Flag Designing competition as was the case with the Flag of Australia. Parts of current Northern Territory Flag can be incorporated into a new state Flag.

State Parliament

State Parliament in a new State would be the same size as the existing Legislative Assembly. Naturally with population increase this would be altered to suit new requirements.

After Cyclone Tracy in 1974 legislative changes followed that gave The Northern Territory greater ability to handle such disasters.

Statehood will strengthen that capacity again.

Northern Territory was transferred to South Australia in 1862 and annexed from South Australia in 1911. The Northern Territory was dissolved in 1927 and reformed in 1931.

Legislative Council functioned from 1947-74. In 1974 a Legislative Assembly was created.

Self Government followed on 1 July 1978 and in July 2015 Statehood for Territorians moved a step closer following an Australian Leaders’ Retreat in Sydney.

Statehood will end more than a century of legislative uncertainty for Australia’s northern gateway.

Both Northern Territory Labor and Country Liberal Party now agree on Statehood for The Northern Territory within existing boundaries.