Statehood Is Best Form Of Investment For The Northern Territory

Statehood Is Best Form Of Investment For The Northern Territory

Northern Territory Treasurer Nicole Manison

Investing in Territory Infrastructure To Lead Talks With Federal Treasurer

Victor P Taffa

Treasurer Nicole Manison will today travel to Melbourne to meet with Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenburg, their first meeting since the Federal election earlier this year.

“Federal Government must invest in the Territory particularly into projects that will create local jobs and provide significant economic stimulus such as the Ship Lift project.” Treasurer Nicole Manison said.

“Ship Lift has the potential to create hundreds of jobs in construction and create jobs for years to come. The Northern Territory Government is investing $100 Million into this project because it’s good for the Territory. Canberra must invest in it because it’s good for the nation.”

Treasurer Manison will continue to push the Federal Government to invest in vital infrastructure in the Territory including the job-creating Ship Lift.

Ship Lift will stimulate the Territory economy, create local jobs and help position Darwin as a marine maintenance and servicing hub.

Investment into other critical infrastructure projects like roads will also be on the agenda, and follows calls from the Reserve Bank for more federal spending to boost the economy.

Treasurer Manison will also be seeking a commitment from the Federal Government on long-term GST funding for the Territory.


Statehood for The Northern Territory as Australia’s 7th duly constituted state within existing boundaries is the best form of investment for The Northern Territory now and into the future.

Statehood will ensure that royalties will are retained by the new State Government in Darwin rather than the Federal Government.

This will provide a long-term source of revenue that will improve the lives of all Territorians rather go begging to the Federal Government.

Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg








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