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South Australia Opposition Leader Steven Marshall

Cost Of Living Pressures Increase Under Weatherill

Victor P Taffa

South Australia’s cost of living is increasing as a direct result of part-time Treasurer Weatherill and 11 long years of Labor.

Major household fees and charges continue to outpace inflation. Over the past year:

  • Property charges have increased at twice the rate of CPI
  • State Taxes have increased at greater than twice the rate of CPI
  • Electricity bills have increased greater than five times the rate of CPI
  • Gas Bills have increased at seven times the rate of CPI
  •  Water bills have increased a staggering eleven times the rate of CPI

“The cost of living under Mr. Weatherill and Labor in South Australia has been rising for years and there doesn’t appear to be any end in sight.” State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall said.

“Waste has increased under Labor and Mr. Weatherill appears to have no plans to fix the mess.”

This waste includes:

  •  Over $200 Million spent on consultants and contractors each year;
  • Over $75 Million spent on advertising each year;
  • Approximately $25 Million spent on overseas travel each year.

“Labor’s waste adds to the cost of Government and affects South Australians in a number of ways it raises taxes, including water, state taxes and property charges, as repeatedly revealed in ABS data.” Mr. Marshall said.

“At my Economic Growth Forum earlier this month, 500 people told me that cost of living pressures are hurting families and business across South Australia.”

“Part-Time Treasurer Weatherill must get his priorities in order and commit full time to cutting the waste that is adding to South Australian’s bills pain.”

“You won’t find Premier Weatherill over spruiking his government’s achievements in combating cost of living pressure because there have been none.” Mr. Marshall said.


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