State Opposition To Oppose Sale Of Albion Park

State Opposition To Oppose Sale Of Albion Park

Queensland Shadow Minister for Tourism & Racing Ray Stevens

Queensland Shadow Treasurer Tim Nicholls

Albion Park Court Battle Stymies Bentley

Victor P Taffa

Queensland Harness Racing’s Decision to take Bob Bentley’s Racing Queensland to court over the proposed Albion Park sell-off should cause the RQ Chairman to review his grand plans, the State Opposition said today.

Shadow Minister for Racing Ray Stevens said the legal action, seeking a Supreme Court injunction to stop RQ from flogging the iconic Queensland race venue until at least 2040, threatens the entirety of the Industry Infrastructure Plan which Chairman Bentley has repeatedly classed an ‘all-or-nothing’ proposition.

Mr. Stevens was joined by Shadow Treasurer and local Member for Clayfield Tim Nicholls, who reiterated the LNP’s Opposition to the sale.

“This is a farce and it is all the making of Chairman Bob Bentley and his submissive Racing Minister Peter Lawlor.” Mr. Nicholls said.

“This situation clearly demonstrates the mess and uncertainty Labor had created both for local residents and for the harness and greyhound racing communities throughout South East Queensland.” Mr. Stevens said.

“Both Trots (harness) and Dogs (greyhounds) participants have had their industry’s future thrown into limbo by Builder Bob’s arrogance and the Bligh Labor government’s indifference. Increased Prize money for bread-and-butter races should be Chairman Bentley’s most pressing priority.

“The LNP won’t sell Albion Park to augment the long-term viability of Thoroughbred Racing.” Mr. Stevens said.

“Our position has been stated and will remain as election policy the LNP will give racing participants their code-specific boards back so that each code gets to steer their own course into the future.”

“The livelihoods of South East Queensland’s Racing Communities are at stake. They should not have to be subjected to Bentley’s heavy-handedness and Labor’s incompetence.” Mr. Stevens said.

QLD Shadow Treasurer Tim Nicholls

QLD Shadow Treasurer Tim Nicholls