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South Australia Minister for Human Services Michelle Lensink

South Australia Minister for Child Protection Rachel Sanderson

New Funding Towards South Australian Research To Tackle Child Abuse And Neglect

Victor P Taffa

State Government has awarded the state’s leading researchers an almost $1 Million boost towards further understanding and tackling child abuse and neglect.

Minister for Human Services Michelle Lensink said the 2 postdoctoral fellowship programs, worth just under $1 Million over 2 years, will be critical in shaping the state’s early intervention services in the future.

Funding will come from the State Government’s Early Intervention Research Directorate (EIRD).

“New State Government is determined to do more to prevent child abuse and neglect in South Australia and this research will provide new insights to inform our policies and systems.” Minister Lensink said.

“With 1 in 4 South Australian children being reported to child protection by age 10, we urgently need to better understand where we can intervene and offer early support to families.”

“Researchers will be looking at topics including how family and domestic violence intersects with child abuse and neglect, impacts on priority populations and regions around South Australia, and the over-representation of Aboriginal children.”

“These 5 researchers from the Australian Centre for Child Protection (ACCP) and Flinders University have well established expertise in the field and will help us to ensure our service systems are based on real evidence.”

Minister for Child Protection Rachel Sanderson welcomed the funding boost.

“Early intervention and prevention are a high priority of the Liberal Government so we can begin to stem the flow of children entering the child protection system in South Australia.” Minister Sanderson said.

“New research is critical to ensure we implement the right programs and services for children and their families to intervene before they enter the child protection system.”

SA Minister for Child Protection Rachel Sanderson









New research will build on previous studies following the 2016 Nyland Report.

Findings from the first phase of research are currently being published, with the first case file review report identifying risk and protective factors for child abuse and neglect that impact during pregnancy, before a child is born.

EIRD is now working on using the research findings to shape a system redesign, with more details expected to be announced shortly.


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