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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Health Jeremy Rockliff

Gov’t Must Commit To Staffing Cancer Centre

Victor P Taffa

Health Minister Michelle O’Byrne must immediately commit to fully staffing the North-West Cancer Centre as soon as it is built, according to Shadow Minister for Health Jeremy Rockliff.

“The last thing people in the North-West want are a white elephant a new cancer centre complete with equipment to enable radiotherapy services, but no staff to deliver the services.”

“The Liberals have long held concerns that the cancer centre would be caught up in budget cuts to health. But time after time, the Health Minister guaranteed that this would not happen.” Mr. Rockliff said.


“Not only did Health Minister state that “the centre will be built; it will be staffed and we are making the tough decision now so that we can deliver radiotherapy services from the centre in the future*” but Area Health Services boss Jane Holden also gave assurance that the Cancer Centre was quarantined from savage health cuts*.”

“So which is it? Where has the money gone that was quarantined to employ staff to deliver full cancer services to the people of the North-West Coast?” Mr. Rockliff asked.

* Hansard, Thursday 17 November, 2011.


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