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Victoria Shadow Minister for Police Peter Ryan

Labor Can’t Be Trusted To Change Victoria’s Knife Culture

Victor P Taffa

The Brumby Government can’t be trusted to curb Victoria’s growing knife culture, Shadow Minister for Police and Leader of The Nationals Peter Ryan said today.

“A spate of stabbings in Melbourne has forced John Brumby to declare a ‘war on knives’ but there is little to show the Premier will be true to his word.” Mr Ryan said.


“During the past 10 years the Victorian Government has repeatedly claimed it will stamp out knife crime. A growing number of knife attacks in Melbourne have exposed Labor’s failure to crack down on escalating levels of crime and violence.” Mr Ryan said.

In March 2000, Labor’s Police and Emergency Services Minister said in a media release: ‘A climate of fear had been created by an increasing number of people arming themselves with knives…it is a trend that must be turned around’.

“It is obvious Labor’s campaign was about government spin and self-promotion, because minors can still buy controlled weapons today.” Mr. Ryan said.

Labor’s hollow promises to reduce knife crimes:

  • Labor acknowledges a trend of increased weapons use and pledges to tackle the ‘proliferation of knives’ (25 September 2002)
  • Labor’s 2006 election policy on community safety says Labor will keep working to reduce the weapons threat by taking a hard line on the carrying of weapons ‘We want to cut the culture of carrying knives’, Bob Cameron declares (20 December 2007);
  • Responding to a question on ‘a safer Victoria’ Premier Brumby claims that is ‘exactly what we are delivering’ (8 August 2007)

“In 1999 Labor promised to address the proliferation of knives, under its ‘No more excuses on crime’ Police policy.” Mr. Ryan said.

“Violence has escalated under Labor and Victorians no longer feel safe because not enough Police are on the streets to protect them.”

“After years of inaction Labor cannot be trusted to deliver on its pledge to crack down on knife crime.”

Former New South Wales Premier Bob Carr also vowed to crack down on people carrying knives.

Knife attacks continue to increase and the types of weapons that can be purchased or brought into Australia is worsening the problem.

Government inaction is no solution.


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