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Western Australia Minister for Sport and Recreation Mick Murray

Sports Tourism Helping To Drive Mid-West Economy

Victor P Taffa

  • Mid-West Sports Tourism Project highlights value of sport to Western Australia’s economy
  • Sport contributed $7.3 Million and created 60 full time jobs in the region in 2018
  • State Government’s Mid-Tier Sporting Events Strategy focused on delivering quality sporting events to Western Australian communities

Local sporting events help to deliver millions of dollars of economic benefits and scores of jobs to the Mid-West region, according to a report released today underlining the importance of delivering quality, high participation sporting events in country Western Australia.

“Regional sporting events provide millions of dollars of benefits to the Mid-West attracting tourists and providing opportunities for local small businesses and tourism operators.” Minister for Sport and Recreation Mick Murray said.

“Our Mid-Tier Sporting Event Strategy provides funding support to help deliver relatively low-cost local sporting events, which provide a significant return on investment. This report demonstrates the wider value of supporting these kinds of local events.”

Mid-West Sports Tourism Project analysed the economic impact of sport in the region during 2018 showing it provided $7.3 Million worth of economic benefits and created 60 full time-equivalent jobs.

Sport event visitors spent $7.9 Million, including an estimated $5.3 Million on tourism related industries such as accommodation, cafes, restaurants and tours. Sporting events helped to boost the real incomes of Mid-West residents by $3.4 Million.

Report considered the impact of the 84 sporting events held in the region, which attracted close to 21,500 visitors to the Mid-West, including 7,600 who participated in events and 15,700 spectators.

McGowan Government’s Mid-Tier Sporting Events Strategy provides funding to help deliver high participation community sporting events, allowing regional communities throughout the State to draw on these kinds of economic and job-creating benefits.

Mid-West Sports Tourism Project was produced by the Mid-West Sports Federation, with funding support from the Federal Government, the McGowan Government and the City of Greater Geraldton.


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