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Victoria Deputy Premier Peter Ryan

Victoria Minister for Police and Emergency Services Peter Ryan

‘Speed Cameras Save Lives’ Campaign Kicks Off

Victor P Taffa

The Victorian Coalition Government has launched a new ad campaign highlighting that speed cameras save lives.

The campaign comes as new statistics reveal speeding on the Hume Freeway has halved since point-to-point cameras were turned on.

The See the Bigger Picture: Cameras Save Lives campaign was launched today by Minister for Police and Emergency Services Peter Ryan who was accompanied by two Victorian road accident survivors Wendy Eccles who features in the advertisement, and London Paralympics wheelchair rugby gold medallist Josh Hose.


“This is a simple campaign with a powerful message cameras save lives and the campaign provides the facts to prove it.” Mr. Ryan said.

“Some 47 % of crashes are avoided at intersections where a speed camera is installed preventing death or serious injury.

“The cost of road trauma in Victoria is estimated to be $2.9 Billion per year, while speed related trauma costs $1 Billion per year, with one person injured every 30 minutes.”

“Fines from speed cameras equate to just 8% of the annual cost of road trauma.”

“Both Ms. Eccles and Mr. Hose were involved in terrible crashes which has left them in wheelchairs. They are strong advocates for road safety and I welcome their support of this campaign.”

Mr. Ryan said speed cameras, along with other road safety measures including the introduction of compulsory seatbelts and random breath tests, had cut the road toll by 800 lives since 1970.

“But more needs to be done, and the Coalition Government will announce a new Road Safety Strategy in the coming months.” Mr. Ryan said.

The campaign will run statewide through November and early December this year. It was filmed in Warrnambool and features locals who have experienced the tragedy of road trauma or have been closely connected to it.

Mr. Ryan said it was almost a year to the day that five young people from Warrnambool were killed in a horrific crash on their way to Dunkeld Races.

“I am proud to say that the Coalition Government, through the local agency GenR8 who produced this campaign, gave the funds allocated for professional actors to feature in the advertisement to local groups and charities whose members donated their time in return.” Mr. Ryan said.

“The school that the five young people from Warrnambool graduated from in 2009, Emmanuel College, participated and put their donation towards a memorial garden.”

“I can only hope that this kind of tragedy never happens again. The Coalition Government will be doing everything in its power to make our roads safer, including increasing the use of speed cameras where appropriate.” Mr. Ryan said.

Camera figures released by the Coalition Government today reveal the number of motorists speeding on the Hume Freeway between Epping and Craigeburn has plunged from 19,280 in the 60 days before the point-to-point cameras were switched on, to just 9,200 in the 60 days after the cameras became active.


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