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Victoria Deputy Premier Peter Ryan

Victoria Minister for Police Peter Ryan

Mobile Speed Camera Weekly Publications Removed

Victor P Taffa

The Victorian Coalition Government will no longer publish a weekly list of rostered mobile road safety camera locations around Victoria after consideration was given to a recent Auditor-General’s report into Victoria’s road safety camera program.

Recommendation 4 of the Auditor-General’s report said ‘to increase the effectiveness of the mobile camera program: The Department of Justice should review the impact of publishing the list of weekly rostered camera sites for mobile cameras on road safety.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Police Peter Ryan said the internal review had found the publication of weekly rostered sites for mobile cameras had no demonstrated impact on road safety statistics.

“Based on findings of the review, and taking into consideration the Auditor-General’s recommendation, the Coalition Government has decided not to continue providing a weekly list of rostered mobile road safety camera locations.” Mr. Ryan said.

The weekly list is currently published on the government’s ‘Cameras Save Lives’ website and distributed to media outlets.

The departmental review compared statistics for mobile camera locations between February and September 2010 (pre-publication) with February to September 2011 (post-publication).

The review found there was an 8% drop in the state-wide monthly average for infringements issued from mobile cameras, which could also be attributed to adverse weather and flooding, mobile warning signage, and industrial action by Police from July.

An examination of country and metropolitan LGAs also showed there were no significant differences in the proportion of speeding vehicles state-wide and no established link between the weekly publication of mobile camera locations and road fatalities.

“The Coalition Government will continue to provide a wealth of information about Victoria’s speed and red-light cameras including maintaining a complete list of more than 2,000 mobile camera sites around Victoria on our website.” Mr. Ryan said to

“The weekly publication of mobile camera locations has been part of sweeping reforms under the Coalition Government to provide greater transparency, integrity and public accountability around Victoria’s road safety cameras.”


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