South-West Coast District 2014

South-West Coast District 2014

Polling Day Saturday 29 November 2014

Victoria Electoral Commission

Victor P Taffa

Victoria State Election 2014: South-West Coast District Candidates

6 Candidates are listed in the order in which they will appear on the Lower House ballot paper for South-West Coast District.

Candidate                                                      Affiliation

CAMPBELL, Thomas                                    AUSTRALIAN GREENS

McCLUSKEY, Michael

MOORE, Steven                                            AUSTRALIAN COUNTRY ALLIANCE

SMITH, Linda K

REEKIE, Roy                                                 AUSTRALIAN LABOR PARTY

NAPTHINE, Denis                                        LIBERAL


Boundary Changes:

The 2012-2013 redivision of State electoral boundaries made the following changes to the boundaries of South-West Coast District.

South-West Coast Lost:

2 electors to Polwarth District (Part of Ballangeich)

Upper House Region:

Western Victoria Region

Election Results:

Two-party preferred vote, 2010 State election:

ALP:               14,926             38.1%

Liberal:            24,252             61.9%

Estimated two-party preferred vote on 2014 boundaries:*

ALP:               14,926             38.1%

Liberal:            24,252             61.9%

*These estimates are based on 2010 figures


Sitting Member

Denis Napthine – Liberal

Historical Pattern

2002-Present  Liberal