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South Australia Shadow Minister for Transport Steven Griffiths

Have Labor’s Broken Promises Cost Lives?

Victor P Taffa

A Truck Driver has died and motorbike rider is seriously injured following a horrific accident on a stretch of South Road neglected by Labor.

Shadow Transport Minister Steven Griffiths said commitments were made by the Rann Labor Government more than six years ago to upgrade this section of South Road but nothing has been delivered.


On 6 April 2005 Minister Pat Conlon said that:

“.. $187 Million will deliver an underpass at Anzac Highway and a tunnel at Grange and Port Roads extending under the railway line the two most congested traffic bottlenecks along South Road. These two sites have been selected based on congestion, traffic volumes and crash history.”

Again on 28 February 2006 Premier Rann said:

“The investment also includes $122 Million for a tunnel taking South Road under Grange Road, Port Road and the Outer Harbour Rail Line; $65 Million for an underpass taking South Road under Anzac Highway; and $47 Million to widen South Road between Port Road and Torrens Road.”

Then on 2 November 2010 Pat Conlon was asked about the future plans for this section of South Road, he said:

“It isn’t out of the question that a tunnel will be used at the Port Road-South Road intersection.” (891 ABC radio)

“This is a sad indictment on Labor’s track record of broken promises as they continually fail to deliver on key commitments.” Mr. Griffiths said.

“South Road has been left to crumble and has become extremely unsafe. South Australians can’t trust this Government to deliver on commitments on time or on budget.”

“Labor has lumped our State with a $200 Million back log in road maintenance.”

“South Australians are suffering at the hands of Labor’s Broken Promises.” Mr. Griffiths said.


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