South Morang Line Extension Now Includes 3 Railway Stations

South Morang Line Extension Now Includes 3 Railway Stations

Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews

Three New Stations And Up To 3,000 Jobs On Mernda Rail

Victor P Taffa

Andrews Government will build an extra station on the new rail line to Mernda, connecting thousands of residents to trains for the first time.

In total the 3 Railway Stations will be

  • Mernda
  • Hawkstowe
  • Marymede

“We were elected to put people first, and we haven’t wasted a day in the last two years building the transport projects Victoria needs, to create jobs, reduce congestion and get people home safer and sooner.” Premier Daniel Andrews said.

“The Mernda Rail Extension will change people’s lives for the better, creating work for thousands of people, and connecting one of Australia’s fastest growing communities to employment, education and the rest of Victoria.”

Premier Daniel Andrews joined Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan and local Members Lily D’Ambrosio, and Danielle Green to announce that John Holland will build the nearly $600 Million Mernda Rail Extension, which will include a new station near Hawkstowe Parade in South Morang.

New Hawkstowe station is in addition to the two new stations already announced in Mernda and near Marymede Catholic College. The three stations are expected to be used by more than 8,000 passengers a day.

“People said they wanted the third station and we’re getting on with building it. We’re listening to locals and delivering the projects and services that Victorians need.” Member for Mill Park Lily D’Ambrosio said.

Mernda Rail Extension will create up to 3,000 jobs, 1,200 directly during construction and as many as 1,800 indirectly in suppliers and other businesses supported by the project.

It will support more than 70 ongoing jobs once trains are running. Like every major Labor Government project, 10 % of work will be carried out by trainees, apprentices and engineering cadets,  giving young and reskilling workers a head-start in their new career.

Project includes new walking and cycling paths, better bus connections, and train stabling in Mernda. There will also be extensive bike storage and up to 2,000 new car spaces across the three new stations.

Construction of the Mernda Rail Extension will begin next year, and trains will be running on the new line by 2019.

“This project will create thousands of jobs and connect thousands of locals in Mernda, Doreen and Whittlesea to work, education and each other. We’re putting people first and getting it done.” Member for Yan Yean Danielle Green said.

Information sessions will be held in December, where locals can see the latest designs and talk to the project team.

VIC Premier Daniel Andrews

VIC Premier Daniel Andrews








Naming Of A Railway Line

The name of a railway line is usually given as the last station on the line. The Epping Line previously was named the Epping Line as Epping was the terminus station. Then the line was extended to South Morang and until the extension was officially commissioned the project was correctly known as the Epping Line Extension.

Now that South Morang is the terminus station this project should be correctly referred to as the South Morang Line Extension. When this new rail project is built and officially commissioned the line will be known as the Mernda Line.

However in Sydney the Bankstown Line and East Hills Lines were previously Branch Lines and both Bankstown and East Hills were the terminus stations. Although the lines were extended the lines are still referred to as the Bankstown Line and East Hills Line.

Where railway lines are through lines and head in a geographical direction the line would be named the Northern Line, Western Line, Southern Line, South West Line or North West Line.

However the Baird Government in New South Wales seeks to take Sydney backwards and build an old technology on the Bankstown Line and revert the terminus back to that of Bankstown simply to suit developers, Car Industry and Westconnex Road Project.  

This old rail technology for Sydney is absolute nonsense.

VIC MInister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan

VIC MInister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan








Whittlesea Line Restoration

The Whittlesea rail corridor remains intact following the closure of the line on 28 November 1959.

As development in the whole area continues population pressures will surely see restoration of a duplicated, electrified line to Whittlesea.

Whittlesea Line Railway Stations includes:

  • Whittlesea
  • Yan Yean
  • Mernda
  • Hawkstowe
  • Marymede
  • South Morang
  • Epping