South Hedland Land Release Announced

South Hedland Land Release Announced

Western Australia Minister for Lands Brendon Grylls

Vital Release Of Stage 2 Land In South Hedland

Victor P Taffa

South Hedland will soon benefit from the development of 47 hectares of land which will provide affordable housing to not-for-profit organisations; those providing key worker accommodation and indigenous people.

Lands Minister Brendon Grylls said this land release, delivered under the State Government Royalties for Regions and the Pilbara Cities Program, was aimed at not-for-profit organisations which have struggled to attract and retain staff due to high house and land prices.

“The Stage 2 South Hedland release will go a long way to ensuring not-for-profit organisations is able to provide important social and community services to the people of South and Port Hedland.” Mr. Grylls said.

“One of the biggest issues they face is undoubtedly the ability to secure affordable accommodation. The aim is to ensure communities can be sustainable in the long term.”


“Accessible accommodation is essential if we are to achieve the Pilbara Cities vision of transforming towns such as this into vibrant, diverse and well-serviced communities.” Mr. Grylls said.

The successful not-for-profit proponents for the development component of the Stage 2 land release are:

  • Foundation Housing Ltd – 16 dwellings comprising a mix of detached houses and group dwellings;
  • YMCA of Perth Inc. – 14 dwellings comprising a mix of one, two and three bedroom units;
  • Youth Involvement Council Inc. – three dwellings comprising a three bedroom house and two, three bedroom duplexes.

“We understand there are no quick fixes for addressing housing affordability issues in the Pilbara. The current situation is a legacy of decades of under-development of the region, which Royalties for Regions and the Pilbara Cities program are actively addressing.” Mr. Grylls said.

“Land preparation and development takes time but the Government will do its best to ensure the Pilbara Cities program can deliver more land such as this is brought to market as quickly as possible.” Mr. Grylls said.