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South Australia Shadow Minister for Police David Ridgway

Major Trucks, Major Problem

Victor P Taffa

Shadow Police and Urban Planning Minister David Ridgway said the Government must immediately investigate building another arrester bed on the SE Freeway before there are more deaths from out-of-control trucks.

In October an out-of-control semi-trailer hit a man waiting to catch a bus in the vicinity of the toll gate. The man was fatally injured.

This morning, a B-double allegedly careered down the South-East Freeway and onto Glen Osmond Rd, travelling several kilometres before it finally stopped.

“Something must be done to reduce the danger.” Mr. Ridgway said.

“I’m told there are close to half a million truck movements on the SE Freeway every year. There are many thousands of vehicle movements across the Freeway-Cross Rd-Glen Osmond Rd intersection daily.”

“An out-of-control heavy vehicle can cost not just one life, but cause multiple fatalities.” Mr. Ridgway said.

“We’ve warned Labor before and we warn them again: you need to do something NOW.”

“Labor Ministers are rezoning over a thousand hectares of farmland at Mt. Barker for an extra 30,000 people.”

“The freeway won’t cope.” Mr. Ridgway said.

“The first thing to do is to see if an arrester bed can be built closer to the intersection.”

“The Government may also have to investigate a heavy vehicle by-pass, particularly if the unpopular Mt. Barker development goes ahead.” Mr. Ridgway said.


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