South Australia’s Unemployment Rate Down 0.4% May 2017

South Australia’s Unemployment Rate Down 0.4% May 2017

South Australia Minister for Employment Kyam Maher

South Australia’s Unemployment Rate At 6.9%

Victor P Taffa

South Australia’s headline unemployment rate was down 0.4% to 6.9 % in May, according to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics Labour Force data.

Results show the state’s trend unemployment rate increased 0.1% to 7.1%, while over the past year and a half, 12,800 people have found work. Figures show that over the past 18 months, 2.2 Million more hours were worked in South Australia, a growth rate of almost double the national average of 1.1 %.

“Our State is facing a significant economic transition, and this will reach its climax when Holden close their doors on October 20.” Minister for Employment Kyam Maher said.

“But as traditional industries decline, we know that other industries like defence, food and disability services are forecast to grow rapidly. We are also bringing companies like Boeing to South Australia through our Investment Attraction agency, which has created more than 5,200 jobs.”

Nationally, South Australia and Western Australia showed equal largest monthly deceases in the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate.


Earlier this month, energy company AGL announced a $295 Million investment in a new power plant, which will create around 200 local jobs.

Last week, the State Government announced cloud IT specialist PrimeQ is moving its global headquarters to South Australia, creating new jobs for local graduates and IT specialists.

This follows last month’s news that Costa’s $60 Million expansion of a mushroom production facility is set to create 200 new jobs in the Murray and Mallee region. State Government’s Job Accelerator Grants have now helped create more than 9,700 jobs in South Australia since the last Budget.