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South Australia Opposition Leader Steven Marshall

14 % More Unemployed On Weatherill’s Watch

Victor P Taffa

South Australia’s unemployment rate increased to 6 % in June and continues to eclipse the national mark according to ABS labour force data released today.

In June the South Australian unemployment rate increased from 5.9 % to 6.0 % while the national rate increased from 5.6 % to 5.7 %.

“There were 12,500 jobs lost last month, which includes 9,400 full time jobs.” State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall said.

“There are 14 % more unemployed South Australians under Premier Weatherill.”

The data painted an even grimmer portrait of South Australian youth unemployment, with the youth rate increasing from 19.7 % to staggering 26.8 % in June 2013.


“These alarming unemployment figures raise serious questions about how Premier Weatherill intends to fulfil his 100,000 new jobs promise.” Mr. Marshall said.

More than half way through its promised timeframe for creating 100,000 new jobs, the South Australian economy has created just 8,900 jobs under Labor.

The South Australian economy has created about 220 jobs a month since Labor made their 100,000 new jobs promise.

“To keep this promise, Labor must create over 2,800 jobs each month between now and 2016 that is 13 times the South Australian jobs growth rate since 2010.” Mr. Marshall said.

“From this data we glean two clear facts: the economy is struggling on Premier Weatherill’s watch and you cannot trust Premier Weatherill to deliver on what he has promised.

“Premier Weatherill has continued to trumpet the ‘100,000 new jobs’ mantra despite having no plan on how to deliver and little hope given his Labor Government’s restrictive red tape, high business tax, and high utility cost model.”

“Premier Weatherill must return from holidays and focus on fixing the South Australian economy, adopting better priorities, and getting South Australia back on track.” Mr. Marshall said.


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