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South Australia Electoral Commissioner Kay Mousley

Record Number Of Postal Votes Issued

Victor P Taffa

A record number of postal votes have been issued for the State election on March 20.

By the close of business on Friday, March 12, the Electoral Commission had processed almost 80,000 applications for postal votes.

In the 2006 State election, a total of 66,000 postal votes were received.

The Electoral Commissioner, Ms. Kay Mousley, said that applications for postal votes would close at 5 pm on Thursday March 18.

“Based on previous experience, we expect the number of applications will slow in the remaining few days.” Ms. Mousley said.

“However, it is entirely possible that around 90,000 postal votes will be lodged in the State election.”

“These votes take considerable time to verify before admitting to scrutiny and we must wait seven days after Election Day for the return of postal votes.” Ms. Mousley said.

“As a result, it is highly likely that election results may not be available on Election night, particularly in districts where no candidate attracts an overall majority of votes.”

“In a tight election, this could mean the overall results may not be known until the following Saturday or Sunday.”

Ms Mousley said postal votes were available if an elector was unable to attend a polling place on Election day.

This could include people who:

• Would be working through the hours of polling

• Were ill, infirm or disabled (or caring for someone who was)

• Were in an advanced stage of pregnancy

• Were travelling throughout polling hours

• Would not be within 8km of a polling place

• Were members of a religious order that precluded attendance at a polling place

• Were silent electors (address details suppressed on the electoral roll).


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