South Australia Loses Out To Victoria Again

South Australia Loses Out To Victoria Again

South Australia Shadow Minister for Planning David Ridgway

Rann Gives $100 Million RAH Plumbing Contract To Vics

Victor P Taffa

The Lucrative Plumbing Contract for the Royal Adelaide Hospital Project has been awarded to a Victorian company instead of staying in South Australia.

“The Plumbing Contract for the new RAH is worth around $100 Million and offers 110 jobs over a five year period.” Shadow Minister for Planning David Ridgway said today.

“A local joint venture, comprising local companies Jordan Plumbing and Hindmarsh Plumbing, was part of the unsuccessful Torrens Health Partnership bid.”

“The successful consortium, SA Health Partnership, will outsource the plumbing work to Victorian-based contractor CDC Plumbing and Drainage.”

“CDC Plumbing and Drainage currently has no presence in SA.” Mr. Ridgway said.

“At a time when unemployment in SA is at 5.6 % the highest in the nation Mr. Rann and Mr. Foley have kissed goodbye more than 110 Plumbing Jobs and around $100 Million for Local Companies.”

“Mr. Rann must answer a number of questions, including: what conditions were placed on the RAH project consortia to foster local jobs?”Mr. Ridgway asked.

“Not only that, but has onsite training for apprentices also been lost to CDC Plumbing and Drainage instead of staying in SA?”

“The Plumbing Industry Association of SA has also expressed disappointment that two leading local companies have missed out on this great opportunity.” Mr. Ridgway said.

“This might also jeopardise Labor’s 100,000 jobs target, which Mr Rann announced during this year’s State Election.”

“Let’s not forget that Mr. Rann’s Labor Colleague and former Victorian Premier John Brumby in 2008 described Adelaide as a Backwater.”

“With actions like this, Mr Rann is obviously trying to make this come true.” Mr. Ridgway said.

“This is yet another example of the failure of the Rann Labor Government to put South Australia first.”

“The reality is Mr. Rann and Mr. Foley has lost interest in South Australia.” Mr. Ridgway said.