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South Australia Leader of the Opposition Isobel Redmond

The Real Economic Picture

Victor P Taffa

Premier Mike Rann continues to deny the real state of the South Australian economy according to Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond.

Reports from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show South Australia’s share of the national economy has reduced from 6.8% to 6.5% during the Rann Government’s eight years in office.

Today on radio when asked to explain the Premier replied:

There isn’t anyone who doesn’t think that our State is better off now than it was eight years ago.”

Leader of the Opposition Isobel Redmond said:

“Premier, the ABS stats do not lie.”



The value of South Australian exports has also fallen by 21% in the last twelve months. At the same time car exports also fell by 85%.

This election is about who you can trust to run the South Australian economy. The Premier must stop trying to spin his way out of the poor economic performance his government has presided over.

It has been said that “Labor has more spin cycles than a washing machine.”

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