South Australia Lags Behind In Exports

South Australia Lags Behind In Exports

South Australia Shadow Minister for Industry & Trade Martin Hamilton-Smith

New Figures Show SA’s Services Exports Underperform

Victor P Taffa

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures just released show SA struggles to achieve 4 % of the nation’s services exports, by far the lowest of all the mainland states.

“This result is not a hint that Labor needs to do more on exports, it is an atomic bomb.” Shadow Minister for Industry and Trade Martin Hamilton-Smith said.

“There has been no considered strategy to grow exports across industry sectors under Labor. The report card is now in.”

“In every category of services exports including transport, travel, construction, insurance, pension services, charges for intellectual property, telecommunications, computer, information services, other business services and personal, cultural and recreational services, we are the worst performer on the mainland.” Mr. Hamilton-Smith said.

“In some categories we don’t even register on the scale, including financial services, maintenance and repair services, and government goods and services.”

“Although ABS recently reported that the services sector is the biggest employer in SA, we are not capitalising on these industries to export overseas.” Mr. Hamilton-Smith said.

“Labor has talked up mining and defence, but the reality is there has been little growth over the past nine years on exports of manufactures, agriculture and even minerals. Now we see that we are underperforming on services exports.”

“The Premier set grand targets on exports and then failed to achieve them.” Mr. Hamilton-Smith said.

“We only have 4.03 % of the nation’s services exports, but 7.37 % of the population.”

“In the breakup of total of our $2.1 Billion in exports, $1.6 Billion is travel which including international students. Take that out and we are left with a paltry record across all sectors.”

“Labor is awash with scandals and distractions and is only interested in hanging onto the spores of office, rather than getting the results on exports that South Australians need.” Mr. Hamilton-Smith said.