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South Australia Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond

Drinkable Stormwater

Victor P Taffa

The Parafield Airport stormwater site will be one of the first in Adelaide to be used under a Liberal plan to boost Adelaide’s water supply with stormwater treated to drinking quality.

A Redmond Liberal government will spend $3 Million at the site installing a green powered water purification plant that will deliver 2.5 Billion litres of drinking water a year.

This technology is used very successfully around the world.

“The water will be as good, if not better, than our current drinking water supplies.” Salisbury City Council Projects Director Colin Pitman said.

The commitment is part of a $400 Million Liberal plan to boost Adelaide’s drinking water supply by 90 gigs a year.



Treatment plants will be installed at 13 Adelaide wetland sites and the clean, safe drinking water will be put directly into our existing mains network and reservoirs.

Stormwater treated to drinking standard will directly replace water we currently take from the Murray.

CSIRO research into the use of recycled water for drinking purposes has found that water trapped in aquifers can meet drinking standards.

The purification plants are the only cost effective way of bringing harvested stormwater to drinkable standards utilizing existing water distribution pipes.

The Salisbury Council has led the way in stormwater capture and reuse. However at the moment only about 2 gigs of the 6 gigs collected at Salisbury are used, the rest goes out to sea.

Ruling out stormwater re-use, the Rann government has instead opted for an un-costed plan to dig up every road in Adelaide and lay thousands of kilometres of purple pipes for toilet flushing and other limited uses.

In late September 2009 SA Minister for Environment and Conservation Jay Weatherill admitted to this plan when he said, “if you can’t put stormwater in the reticulated system, you have to run a separate reticulated system and that will run into billions of dollars.” (ABC News 29 Sept.2009)

This is highly irresponsible. Eight years of inaction proves you can’t trust Labor with water.

If the Rann Government is unable to take action on water recycling given that South Australia is the home State of Federal Climate Change Minister Senator Penny Wong, then who can?


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