South Australia Duck And Quail Season Opens 18 February 2017

South Australia Duck And Quail Season Opens 18 February 2017

South Australia Minister for Water and River Murray Ian Hunter

Duck And Quail Season For South Australia

Victor P Taffa

South Australia’s 2017 duck and quail hunting seasons have been declared open, based on significant environmental assessments and forecasts.

“Hunting seasons for duck and quail are only declared if environmental conditions permit, and I base my decision about opening hunting seasons on rigorous assessments of waterfowl abundance, wetland condition and the possible effects of hunting on waterfowl numbers.” Minister for Water and River Murray Ian Hunter said.

These assessments have resulted in a reduced duck hunting season, with a restricted bag limit of 10 ducks a day per hunter as well as restricted species of duck available to hunt.

“Due to current environmental conditions, including some cautionary data around bird numbers and bird breeding activity, the 2017 duck hunting season is restricted.”

A full quail season has been declared in light of favourable climatic conditions for quail. This allows for a full bag of 25 stubble quail a day per hunter, and a two-week extension to the season’s length.

The duck season begins on 18 February 2017 and finishes on 25 June, and the quail season will run from 18 February to 13 August 2017.


A traditional ‘full bag’ of 12 ducks has not been allowed in South Australia since 2013.

Duck and quail hunters in South Australia must hold a valid gun licence and a permit from the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources. Hunters must have also passed a waterfowl identification test, use non-toxic shots, and complies with the Code of Practice for the Humane Destruction of Birds by Shooting.

Bool Lagoon and Bucks Lake in the South East will once again be closed to hunting, and the Blue-winged Shoveller and Hardhead will both be excluded from hunting as their numbers are too low for sustainable hunting.