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Northern Territory Opposition Leader Terry Mills

You Tube Teens Would Be Off To Boot Camp

Victor P Taffa

The School Children responsible for a recent break-in at a Wulagi home would be sent to a boot camp under a Country Liberals Government.

Opposition Leader, Terry Mills, said the blatant contempt shown by the young people breaking into the home indicates a total lack of respect for authority and community standards.

“The break-in at the Wulagi home was caught on CCTV and posted on YouTube.” Mr. Mills said.

“The Country Liberals will get tough on crime, and the days of young offenders getting a slap on the wrist for breaking the law would be well and truly numbered.”

“Judging by their school bags, the young people in the YouTube clip look still to be at school.”

“They show scant regard for the law and conventional forms of youth detention.” Mr. Mills said.

“My Proposal for a Boot Camp would:

• Remove the youths from a dysfunctional environment;
• Provide them with physical and emotional challenges in an unfamiliar setting outside of their comfort zones;
• Bring them into contact with qualified trainers and counsellors;
• Expose them to drug and alcohol detoxification programs.

“The cost to incarcerate youths in Don Dale is up to $80,000 a year, but there is precious little to show for that investment.”  Mr. Mills said.

“Under the Country Liberals, youths convicted of a serious offence will be made to sweat it out in boot camp during the day, and be exposed to de-tox and counselling services at night.”

“Ten years of the Labor Government’s soft approach to crime has emboldened young criminals, while leaving ordinary people feeling insecure and unsafe.”

“It’s time young people who break the law are punished for their crimes.” Mr. Mills said.


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