Socialist Ideology Destroying Industry And Employment

Socialist Ideology Destroying Industry And Employment

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Mining Adam Brooks

Government Must Rule Out Destroying Mining Industry

Victor P Taffa

Resource Minister Bryan Green has again failed to rule-out locking up the Tarkine and effectively destroying the State’s Mining Industry, Shadow Minister for Mining Adam Brooks said today.

“When questioned in State Parliament today, the best the Minister could offer was a vague plan to maybe ‘look at the projects’ a classic Labor move, a plan to maybe take action, but more likely just hot air.” Mr. Brooks said.

“The locking-up of the Tarkine would undoubtedly kill off vital new mining projects such as the proposed Shree Minerals Project, a project that would create dozens of desperately needed jobs in the North-West.”

“But instead, all Mr. Green is interested in is locking-up fundamental mineral projects and watch as development is killed off and the north-west economy continues to suffer.” Mr. Brooks said.

“At a time when the Tasmanian economy is flat-lining and desperately needs investment, the best that Labor and the Greens can do it threaten to sack thousands of public sector employees and shut down the Mining Industry.”

“A single heritage listing that would lock up the Tarkine is not a responsible or sustainable solution for such a diverse area.” Mr. Brooks said.

“The Tasmanian Liberals are fully committed to developing the mining industry and opportunities in Tasmania to create investment, jobs and development, while maintaining strict environmental and safety controls.”

“Mr. Green must immediately and categorically rule out locking up the Tarkine and lobby his Federal counterparts to ensure that a heritage listing does not destroy this vital industry.” Mr. Brooks said.