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Victor P Taffa

This weekend we saw the soap opera that is the NSW Labor Government continued. This is despite Nathan Rees saying it would end when he became Premier in September 2008.

We have another Rees ministry in 14 months – or a fifth series of the soap opera.

Replacing unpopular factional hacks with unknown factional hacks does nothing to address the problems our State faces – it’s simply an attempt to do a cast revamp in the face of falling ratings and thin story lines.

The kindest thing to do would be to pull the series off the air and call an election!

So, what are the NSW Liberal & Nationals plans for NSW?

Over a year out from the March 2011 election, we have launched some 40 policies and discussion papers – and will continue to do so!

Our five priorities are:

  • Transport and Infrastructure– Build the South West and North West rail links; establish Infrastructure NSW and an Integrated Transport Authority
Cronulla Line duplication works continue....

Cronulla Line duplication works continue….

  • Health-Establish smaller Health Districts creating a flatter administrative structure and giving communities and medical experts a say through representation on District Boards to deliver a health system that puts patients first
  • Planning-Return planning controls to local residents, scrapping Part 3A, re-writing the State’s planning legislation, appointing a Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, appointing a separate Minister for Heritage, and implementing campaign finance reforms






  • Economic Investment-Make Sydney Australia’s sporting capital
  • Honesty and accountability– Establish a Charter of Honesty and Accountability in Government to clean up politics and restore confidence and integrity to Government in NSW.



Ryde Hospital board structure can't be any worse than what there is at present

Ryde Hospital board structure can’t be any worse than what there is at present







You deserve change for the better and the NSW Liberal & Nationals will make real change to NSW happen.


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