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Victoria Minister for Crime Prevention Andrew McIntosh

Government Boosts Public Safety In Ballarat

Victor P Taffa

The Coalition Government is providing new CCTV cameras for Ballarat’s bus interchange, substantially improving public safety, and fulfilling a key election promise.

Crime Prevention Minister Andrew McIntosh made the $200,000 announcement in Ballarat’s entertainment precinct today, along with the city’s Mayor Cr Mark Harris.

“The high volume bus interchange in the Ballarat CBD and the wider Bridge Mall precinct are hotspots identified by locals as areas that would greatly benefit from new CCTV cameras.” Mr. McIntosh said.

“This major new investment by the Coalition Government will provide families in Ballarat with more confidence in the safety of these local areas and provide assistance to the City of Ballarat by strengthening local crime prevention measures.”


The city’s surveillance cameras will be monitored by the local Ballarat Police and will provide a valuable evidence gathering tool. They are regularly used for identification of suspects and assist in prosecution of offenders through the courts.

“This helps provide a strong deterrent for those who vandalise public property or those who commit crimes and engage in anti-social behaviour in our streets.” Mr. McIntosh said.

Mr. McIntosh said the funding was an election commitment and part of the Coalition Government’s Community Crime Prevention Program which aims to make communities safer through practical local solutions such as investing in security infrastructure.

“The Coalition Government recognises that local communities are best placed to identify and prioritise local crime and safety issues and is committed to supporting them to do so.” Mr. McIntosh said.

The City of Ballarat has committed a further $200,000, matching the Coalition Government funding.

The Coalition Government is committed to investing a further $2.4 Million in public safety infrastructure initiatives across Victoria as part of its PSIF grants, which will be announced shortly.

These grants are part of a four-year $39 Million statewide agenda to build safer communities.


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