Smart Design Methods Can Save Consumers Thousands In Bills

Smart Design Methods Can Save Consumers Thousands In Bills

Victoria Premier Ted Baillieu

New Alliance Launched To Drive Cost Savings From Good House Design

Victor P Taffa

Sustainable and Smart House Design has the potential to drive substantial energy cost savings for Victorian families, Premier Ted Baillieu said today.

In South Yarra to launch a new alliance between architectural advisory service Archicentre and the Robin Boyd Foundation, Premier Baillieu a former Archicentre Architect said good house design could cut household bills for energy and water.

“Sustainable housing design means incorporating features such as passive solar design to keep houses warm in winter and cool in summer, minimising air conditioning and heating costs.” Premier Baillieu said.

“Trained architects use passive solar design to combine materials, methods, building form and the sun’s natural energy to provide year-round comfort in a house.”


“Many Victorians may not be aware that a passive solar home can save thousands of dollars and add extra value to the home when it is sold.” Premier Baillieu said.

“The Coalition Government is committed to reducing living costs wherever possible for example by introducing a year-round 17.5 % Electricity Discount for Concession Card Holders and we are keen to promote passive solar designs and other ways to reduce costs by improving the design of new or renovated houses.”

“This alliance will promote good, affordable and sustainable housing design, inspired by Robin Boyd’s leadership in this area.”

“Robin Boyd may have passed on forty years ago this year, but his legacy in improving the lives of Victorians is still strong today.” Premier Baillieu said.

As well as promoting sustainable housing design, the alliance will serve to create a wider awareness of Robin Boyd’s significant work and design approach, which had a major impact on Australian residential architecture.