Small Steps Going Forward For People With Disability

Small Steps Going Forward For People With Disability

New South Wales Minister for Disability Services Gareth Ward

Delivering Outcomes For People With Disability

Victor P Taffa

People with disability in New South Wales will be better supported through the NDIS after multiple landmark decisions were made at today’s COAG Disability Reform Council.

Minister for Families Communities and Disability Services Gareth Ward said the Gold Coast meeting was an overwhelming success and thanked the new Federal Minister, Stuart Robert, for his engagement and leadership.

“This is another step forward for the NDIS, which will now reach more people and provide more tailored support.” Minister Ward said.

“It’s vital that we provide quick resolutions to the scheme’s challenges, and I am pleased that we were able to unite today to ensure a more robust NDIS.”

New South Wales Legislative Council Inquiry into the NDIS held last year examined many of the issues addressed in today’s meeting.

Matters relating to early childhood intervention, coordination between the NDIS and health systems, and instances where children are unable to live at home due to complex disability needs were first raised at the Inquiry.

“New South Wales Liberals & Nationals Government has led the way to promote more consistent funding of NDIS supports and to reduce service gaps for children and their families.” Minister Ward said.

“Today’s meeting built upon this work and will ensure participants of the NDIS are placed at the centre of everything we do.”

“However, there is still more to be done and we will continue to work with the Commonwealth and other states to get the best possible outcomes for people with disability.”

Under the agreements made today, the NDIS will also fund support for disability-related health needs including swallowing, respiratory issues, and continence aids.

Council also agreed to fund arrangements for disability-related supports and daily living expenses for children with disability living outside the family home.


NDIS              National Disability Insurance Scheme

COAG            Council of Australian Governments (Formerly Premier Conferences in the good old days. COAG is too sterile)

Premiers Conferences

Premiers Conferences preceded dull, boring and sterile COAG meetings.

In the good old days State Premiers would stand up for their state in what is still legally a Federation of States.

However political correctness has renamed Premiers Conferences as COAG.

In the good old days, we had attending:

  • New South Wales Liberal Premier Sir Robert Askin
  • Queensland National Party Premier Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen
  • South Australia Labor Premier Don Dunstan
  • Tasmania Liberal Premier Robin Gray
  • Victoria Liberal Premier Sir Henry Bolte
  • Western Australia Liberal Premier Sir Charles Court

Each State Premier fought vigorously to defend their state.

Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory also attended.

Prime Ministers of all political colours love to say that the Northern Territory cannot be a duly constituted state within existing boundaries. Northern Territory is being held back economically by not being granted Statehood.

On 1 January 1901, Australia became a Federation of States. In 1911, the Northern Territory was annexed from South Australia and became a Territory.

The Northern Territory should have become a State in 1911 rather than as a Territory.