Small Business Workshops And Seminars To Be Held Across Victoria

Small Business Workshops And Seminars To Be Held Across Victoria

Victoria Minister for Innovation, Services and Small Business Louise Asher

Information Boost For Victorian Small Businesses

Victor P Taffa

Innovation, Services and Small Business Minister Louise Asher today announced a new Program of Small Business Workshops and Seminars for 2011.

“Small businesses often face difficulties in accessing relevant, reliable and affordable information.” Ms. Asher said.

“Two hundred and eighty-two workshops and seminars offered over 2011 will provide businesses and prospective business owners with the facts and advice they need to make informed decisions and create a platform for ongoing success.”

The Small Business Workshop and Seminar Program will be delivered by Small Business Victoria in partnership with host organisations.

Small businesses across Victoria will have local access to the Program, with workshops and seminars to be held in Metropolitan and Regional Areas.

The Regional Workshops and Seminars are evenly spread across Victoria with:

  • Southern Grampians,
  • Yarriambiack,
  • Campaspe,
  • Wangaratta,
  • South Gippsland.

Among the many locations.

The Workshops and Seminars have been grouped into Five Themes:

  • Getting Started,
  • Growing Your Business,
  • Getting & Keeping the Right Staff,
  • Achieving Financial Success,
  • Moving On.

All workshops and seminars are offered at a low cost to participants and delivered by private sector specialists who are well-qualified and experienced in small business.

Ms. Asher said the Coalition Government recognised the vital role Victoria’s 495,000 small businesses played in contributing to the economic and social life of the community.

“We are committed to encouraging small businesses to get started, to prosper and to grow with business support and advice services for those who work hard, save, invest and create employment.” Ms. Asher said.

The Small Business Workshop and Seminar Program will start on 15 February 2011. It is anticipated that more than 3,000 small businesses will participate in these workshops and seminars during the course of the year.