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Victoria Minister for Health David Davis

Minister Launches New Skin Care Program For Elderly

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Health David Davis today launched the National Aged Skin Care Program helping to identify and treat skin cancer and skin disease in the elderly.

Mr. Davis said the program was developed by the Skin and Cancer Foundation Incorporated and was piloted at the Royal Freemasons, (RACF).

“The Foundation has taken a strong leadership role and has conducted valuable research which has led to the development of the National Aged Skin Care Program.” Mr. Davis said.

“This program will be a valuable resource in improving the skills of staff in the early identification of skin cancers and aid in the prevention of skin disease.”

The Skin and Cancer Foundation Inc is a not for profit, non government organisation founded in 1987, which provides specialist treatment for a range of skin diseases including psoriasis, eczema, patch testing and skin cancer management.

Data collected from Royal Freemason’s residential aged care indicated that over 60 % of residents have some form of skin condition, from minor irritation to complex skin cancers, psoriasis and wounds.

Mr. Davis said the National Aged Skin Care Program aims to address this by providing educational materials at no cost online for aged persons and people working in residential aged care facilities.

“Support is also available to aged care facilities participating in the program to access online dermatology consultation services.” Mr. Davis said.

“I encourage you all to visit the Foundations website to download the educational materials and learn more about the National Aged Skin Care Program and how it supports the care of older Victorians who live in a residential aged care service.”

“Older Victorians deserve to have access to treatment and care that is clinically effective and provided in locations that meet their needs and preferences.”

“The National Aged Skin Care Program is a good example of how that can be achieved.”

Mr. Davis said the Victorian Coalition Government was committed to investing in a number of programs that support the needs of older people.

“We have committed over $700,000 per year to fund Wound Management Clinical Nurse Consultant positions across regional Victoria to strengthen wound management practices across district nursing and public sector residential aged care.” Mr. Davis said.

“This approach assists people living with chronic and complex wounds to access appropriate treatment throughout regional Victoria.”

“Additionally in collaboration with the Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS) the Coalition Government has funded the Connected Wound Care project which has produced a range of resources aimed at increasing an older person’s understanding and capacity for self care.”


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